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I want to show up! I want to continue! I don’t give up!
I will rise and inspire! I will listen to God! I will love Him to the end!
I want to proclaim over my life: victory and not defeat! I want to proclaim over my life healing and restoration!
I’m a courageous woman and I will stay strong, I will trust God.
He is writing my life story and it will definitely have a happy end!
God is here! He loves me with an everlasting love and has my best in His mind! He knows my past, my weaknesses, my wounds and He is in the full process of healing and restoration over my life, my family, my church.
I will fight and stand up for my King, for my life, for my family.
God is in control, He is above everything, every kingdom, every man. He has all the power and He is my Father, love and protection.
I am not afraid, I am proud of me, of who I am because of Him and I lay down my fears, weaknesses, my past and wishes – and choose His future and His plans for me!




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